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Laying and Establishing Your Turf


Ground preparation is vital to the future of your new lawn. Unprepared or poorly-prepared ground will never give satisfactory results.

Turf is a Living Material

Our turf is a cultivated turf that has been grown to high standards. We make every effort to deliver your turf within 24 hours of cutting it. The sooner the turf is laid the better its chance of rapid establishment.

Recommended laying times are as follows:

TIP: These times are a guide and are very dependent on the weather. It is best to lay the turf as soon as it is delivered. Always have the ground prepared before ordering your delivery.

Laying the Turf

Establishing the Turf

It is really important to water your turf immediately it is laid. During dry conditions water areas that have been laid as soon as possible whilst your project is being completed.

Without adequate water the new root system cannot establish itself quickly by rooting down into its new environment. In the hot, dry weather especially, the newly-laid turf may need saturating immediately after laying and maintained wet for several weeks until fully established. The purchase of a low cost sprinkler system can be a good investment in very dry conditions.

The transplanted turf should be established in its new environment within two to three weeks during mild growing weather, and from four to eight weeks in colder conditions.


Turf will need mowing regularly. Aim to keep it between 15-35 mm in height - depending on the season and growing conditions. Take care to remove clippings as often as possible. We advise that newly laid turfs are not mown until rooting has taken place (see above). Only remove a maximum of 25% of any growth whilst the
lawn is establishing itself. Do not ‘scalp’ your newly laid turf - this encourages fungal and weed
infestations and may severely stress the grass in dry conditions.

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